Welcome to Reception

'Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.' 

- Saint Francis de Sales

Mary Our Mother - Our Saint in Early Years

Religious Education and Prayer Life

Father Kelly, from St Francis of Assisi Church, is praying for you all everyday, along with our very own Father Joseph. Father Kelly would love to share your prayers with the parish. If you would like to write a prayer and send it to us, we can forward this on to Father Kelly and he will share some of your prayers during Mass, which you can then watch on the link below.

Daily Mass

I know that some of you will be really missing attending Mass during this time. Please follow the link below for a live streaming of Mass at St Francis of Assisi Church .

The Masses take place 7 days a week and the times are below. . . 

* 9.00am Eucharist Adoration (in silence)

* 9.30am Daily Mass (including Sunday)

* 8.00pm Rosary with Eucharistic Adoration, concluding with Night Prayer at 8.45pm

Home Learning Projects 

The links below are to help your child if your child has to self isolate. There is a range of home learning that we have on offer so please choose what works best for you and your child. You don't have to do everything listed below. You can choose either the home learning projects, print off specific sheets, watch the daily video sessions or you can mix it up and do different things on different days.  


You have two home learning projects (the links are below). Each week focuses on a different topic. Simply click on the links below to see what activities you can choose to do throughout the week

Home learning activities - Maths

Home learning activities  - English 

Daily Video Lessons

 If you like interactive lessons, use the Oak National Academy webisite for daily lessons for English, Maths and Foundation subjects    

(e.g. see 'Daily Live Lessons'  section above, - 'English lessons for this week')

You could choose to follow their weekly schedule or switch to 'subject view', select a subject and follow their block of lessons

(e.g. Reception, Maths: Grouping and sharing, a block of 5 lessons).

Simmering Skills - What basic skills activities should I be doing each day?

Reading  - Practice your reading skills (approximately 10 minutes a day).  Spend some of your reading time reading to an adult, brother or sister or your toys! (see 'Oxford Owl for Home' web site below for free access to online E-books for 3-11 year olds). Ask someone else in the house to share a book with you/read to you.

Keep a list of any books you have read, or have had read to you (you could use your Reading Record/Diary) and we can share this when we are all together again, back in school! 

Phonics (reading and writing) - All the children have been given a phonics folder with a sound mat inside. If we do have to self -isolate please can you practise a sound a day with your child. I will upload worksheets that will correspond to what would have been taught in school. The worksheets will help the children practise their handwriting. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible so they are practising the phonic skills they have learnt. 


Watch  'Mr T's Phonics with Geraldine Girafffe' - really useful videos with activities to practise, learn and develop phonic skills, or watch episodes of Cbeebies' Alphablocks.(see links below in useful websites section).

High Frequency/Tricky words  (reading, writing/spelling) - These words cannot be read using phonics and need to be learnt by sight/memory. Practise a few each day until you can read them all by sight. Then learn to write/spell them. (tip: don't use letter sounds/phonics, use letter names when trying to learn to spell).

Useful Websites

A School Life Website
School Life app download
School Life app download