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Eco School

At St Francis Xavier we understand that it is vitally important to look after and preserve the beautiful world around us that God has created. We therefore teach our children to look after our local environment and school, instilling in them a sense of responsibility for the world in which we live.

Every child in school has made an eco promise, and their promises are displayed on green footprints walking around our school.


We have won a number of awards for our environmental work, including the Gold Eco-Schools Status. We have also been awarded the Green Flag three times for all of the eco work that we do.

Sustainable School Award

Environmental School Champions

Eco Rangers

WWF Earth Hour

Our school has a team of Eco Rangers made up of children from every class in the school. Their jobs include ensuring that all pupils and teachers are recycling used paper, turning off light switches and computers when they are not in use, and keeping the school litter free.

Every year we support the WWF's 'Earth Hour' by turning off all electrical items in school for an hour.

Conservation Work

Children carry out conservation work around our school including composting, raking leaves and trimming bushes, planting bulbs and litter picking.

Children also plant and grow vegetables and herbs in our conservation area throughout the year. The vegetables are then harvested and cooked by our school cook for the children to eat and enjoy.

Classes also use the conservation area to learn about the natural world such as artwork, science work on minibeasts, habitats and bird watching.

Green promise footprints 'walking' around school.
Big Spring Clean - tidying up the local area.

Composting leaves.
Keeping our school grounds clean and tidy.

Showing off some of the vegetables we have grown.
Planting flowers in a raised bed.

Solar Panels

In 2009 we had solar panels fitted to our school and have been generating renewable energy ever since.


We now use less electricity from the national grid (the majority of which is produced by burning coal and causing lots of CO2 emissions) because we produce our own renewable energy from the sun. Solar Photovoltaic energy is 100% clean, green and carbon free. The sun's energy is free and it is there 365 days per year - even when the weather is cloudy!

The solar panel was fully funded by CSEP Community Sustainable Energy Programme and LCBP Low Carbon Buildings Programme Phase 2. Even the metal framework has low carbon miles – it was made at the local factory opposite Broadwell Park, so it didn't need a long lorry journey to be delivered.

You can find out how much energy the panel has generated each day and see how many 'carbon miles' this has saved by clicking this link to the Sunny Portal website.

Check out how much we generate on sunny days, on cloudy days, on wet days and in autumn, spring, summer and winter. You will be surprised!