Welcome to the Fairtrade section of the school website.

The children learn that Fairtrade is a system designed to ensure that growers in developing countries are paid a fair and stable price for the goods that we buy from them.

Fairtrade offers pupils the opportunity to see where they stand in the world and help them learn and develop as global citizens.

The Fairtrade representatives promote and support Fairtrade both in school and in the wider community.

Our efforts have included a visit to The Shared Earth shop in Birmingham town centre, which only sells fair-trade and recycled products. We have also performed an awareness assembly on Cocoa beans with the support of the manager of the local Co-op supermarket to coincide with fair-trade fortnight. In addition, we ran the Fairtrade Big Breakfast event where children received a Fairtrade Geo Bar, Fairtrade fruit juice and a Fairtrade piece of fruit to enjoy before the start of lessons. Other activities include; fundraising, research, cooking and art work.

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