St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School Teaching School Alliance Blog and Stars of the Week


We offer a wide variety of clubs and after school activities to our pupils each term.

Clubs vary depending on the time of year and are delivered by a combination of staff form our school and specialist coaches.

Each term the pupils receive a letter about the clubs on offer and are asked to return a signed letter in order to gain a place. Places are limited and are offered on a 'first come first served' basis.

All clubs start at 3.30pm and finish at 4.15pm and are completely free of charge to all pupils.

Here are some of the clubs we offer:


At this club the children get to experience, learn and explore a range of exciting artistic activities including painting, collage, sewing and printing.

Being creative in KS1 Art Club.
Clay modelling in KS2 Art Club.

Back to Nature

Pupils look after and care for our conservation area at this club, planting flowers and seeds, digging up vegetables and refilling bird feeders along with lots of other activities.


Computing Club

Computing club offers both KS1 and KS2 children the opportunity to enhance their ICT skills whilst having fun! Pupils can also brush up on their Maths and English skills with valuable practise through our subscribed educational programmes Skoolbo and Mathletics.


Dance Club

Children from both KS1 and KS2 enjoy participating in Dance club to learn exciting routines and different dance styles. Dance is also a great way to keep fit and healthy as well as building confidence and self-esteem!


Film Club

Film Club.

Children enjoy gathering together at film club and voting for films to watch each week.

They also complete film reviews and discuss different aspects of film production, including sets, storylines and selection of actors.