St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School Mini Vinnies


Mini Vinnies is about doing good works in the community, but it is also about young people meeting to talk, to share ideas.

and concerns, to have fun and to support each other. The Vinnies model of 'See, think, Do'* is a great way to get young

people thinking and talking about their spirituality - connecting their beliefs and values with service activities and issues in

their community can help to make their faith real, meaningful and relevant.

Mini Vinnies Pledge

As a member of Mini Vinnies, I promise to make a difference in my world by:

• Caring for, respecting and loving myself;

• Strengthening my friendship with Jesus by praying each day and talking to others about him;

• Caring for others in my school and community by being a friend to those who are alone, in need or in trouble;

• Contributing to the happiness of my family through my help, respect, consideration, joy and kindness;

• Caring for, appreciating and enjoying God's creation: the environment;

• Treating others the way I would like them to treat me.

As Mini Vinnies, we strive to give as much back to the Community as possible - to help those who need it most. We are always actively involved in planning new projects and activities to support different charities. We have already given lots to charity through the wonderful work we have lead our school in. We meet every Thursday Lunchtime to discuss new ideas and start to put our plans into action.

- We organised a successful cake sale at our Christmas Fayre and sent the money we made to Cafod.

- We arranged Lenten charity activities with Little Miss Marathon challenges and each class raised money for Children with Cancer UK.

- With the help of the rest of the school, families and friends, we collected non-perishable food items and created 'shopping bags' for homeless people, which we sent to Brushstrokes, a local charity.

- In partnership with our Fairtrade team, we raffled Easter eggs and sent the money we raised to a homeless care centre in the local community.

- We have also created Lunchtime Friendship Group activities, with prayer as a focus, that we lead in order to help children who feel a little bit lonely or would just like to make new friends.

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